Our Origin Story

Way back in the 80’s, I was 10 years-old when I received a small hand-me-down bin of LEGO®.  It wasn’t much, but the fun and creativity I enjoyed seemed endless.  The bin I received didn’t have any Minifigures, so the desire to add to my collection began almost immediately.  I started buying Minifigures from friends with my $1 weekly allowance, traded Halloween candy and other toys to get my hands on Knights, Pirates and Spacemen.  With the Minifigures I had collected I combined themes and created scenes and epic battles. As I grew up I discovered video games, snowboarding and girls, but I never got rid of my LEGO® collection.

When I discovered I was having a baby boy, I got excited and started hunting for LEGO® again. Over the years, my son Caleb and I bonded over building and creating our own worlds. In order to keep him challenged, we started to sell off some of his old sets and hunt for deals on new ones.  We got so good at buying and selling LEGO®, we were running out of storage spots in the house.  Before long we were selling online, in a local consignment shop and at conventions.  As the LEGO® continued to pile up, I decided to begin a new career and open up a retail store.  

After months of planning, acquiring a large stock and setting up the store,  Andy’s Brick Shop opened in September 2018.   Over 100 local LEGO® enthusiasts came out to help us prep, build sets and sort LEGO®.  The response from the community has been amazing.  Our goal is to be more than just a place to buy LEGO®, but to serve as an experience and a meeting place for the local LEGO® community.  We have tables in the back where LEGO® lovers can build sets.  We also have community members of all ages who volunteer their time to help us organize and sort LEGO®.

Over the years, we have built a LEGO® experience with over 15,000 Minifigures, over 1,000 sets and more than a million loose pieces. If you stop in and visit, you will find that we have something for everyone - from the expert builder to the kid who just started his or her collection with a hand-me-down bin of LEGO® bricks. 

See you soon.